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If you are new to cloth diapering it can be a little confusing at the beginning but with some time you will be a pro!  Here is a guide to help you quickly understand cloth diapers.

The first decision is sizing:

·         Fitted Diapers:  These cloth diapers come in a wide range of sizes and you have to buy the different sizes as your baby grows.  While less economical than the one-size cloth diapers, fitted diapers are supposed to fit much better and therefore have fewer leaks.  Fitted cloth diapers are also good for larger babies that have outgrown one-size diapers.

·         One-Size Diapers:  These cloth diapers grow with your child.  You can buy one set of diapers that should last through all of your childs diapering years.  They generally come with snaps that can be adjusted as your baby grows (Our 2 ½ year old still wears the same one-size diapers she had when she was born!). 

Once you have decided between fitted or one-size, you will decide on what type of cloth diaper:

·         Pocket Diapers:  Pocket diapers are one of the more common.  They have a cover along with an insert that is removed when washing.  This allows you to mix and match inserts to find the right absorbency for your child.  They also dry faster after you wash them since you can use the dryer for the insert.  This is huge considering the insert is designed to absorb moisture which means it’s absorbing a bunch in the washer!

·         All-In-One Cloth Diapers:  These diapers have the insert built-in and are not removable.  The benefit is that you do not have to mess around with stuffing an insert into the diaper.  Some Brands also offer all-in-one diapers in organic cotton which is not offered in pocket diapers so if organic is for you, these are your cloth diapers.

·         Diaper Covers:  These are similar to pocket diapers; however, the outer layer is reusable without washing as long as the mess does not get on the cover.   These are great space savers and good on the go. You can also really play around with what you put in them to get that perfect absorbency for your baby.

·         Hybrid Diapers:  These are very similar to diaper covers.  The benefit to hybrid diapers is that there are disposable inserts made to fit this specific diaper cover.  If you would prefer to not carry around soiled inserts when you are out and about, you could opt to use disposable ones and then use reusable inserts when you are at the house.

Other things to consider:

·         Wet bags:  These are used to store your soiled diapers while you are out and about.  They are also good for storing the clean ones until you need the space for the soiled ones.

·         Pail Liners:  Put these in a garbage pail to store your dirty cloth diapers in until you are ready to wash them.  Pail liners keep in the smells and are water proof to keep everything in.  Machine washable.

·         Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent:  Most cloth diaper brands recommend using detergent designed for cloth diapers. 


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